First Blog!


I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been asked my opinion on what to wear, which makeup to use, good places for travel, my diet and exercise routines and more. I guess I have pretty much always been the go-to girl for all the advice. It could be because I will more than likely give honest opinion (cant help it), or it could be my taste that’s admirable, or maybe its because I’m known for getting good value for money. whichever way, I am here to share this with ALL OF YOU!

Growing up in Montego Bay taught me a lot about appreciation for nature. Life there was simple, and there was a welcomed sense of being permanently on vacation. It was easier to eat healthy with all the fresh produce and seafood, and exercise was mandatory since hiking was, many times, how we got around on a small island. I learned the importance of good skincare early; moisturizer and sunscreen was a must with the constant heat. The biggest drawback about living in a tourist destination is, everything is overpriced and there Isn’t as much variety in fashion as I’d like.

A lot of my earliest style influences came from Europe. My mom dressed us in the nicest clothes she could afford which was usually sent from abroad and uniforms were worn all throughout school so it was always a big deal to dress up for special occasions. I knew pretty early that I had an eye for fashion so when a friend got me a job at a boutique in Montego Bay I got an opportunity to put it to use. The owner had excellent taste, every piece and every accessory was unique. She had mini fashion shows to display new pieces for her clients every season and I got first hand experience at styling and dressing. I learned that a little detail can make or kill an outfit, that sometimes less is more and that knowing how to put yourself together the right way can change your entire life.


I moved to the states in my 20s and carried with me my relaxed, beach loving lifestyle and my passion for fashion. I worked part time at a Fitness Club in Atlanta where I learned the details involved in proper diet and exercise. It was perfect, I got paid to help people feel great while getting myself in shape. I picked up a great relaxation routine which is exersise/yoga followed by steam room or Sauna. Works Everytime! It didn’t take me long to also gather a great deal of style expertise through magazines, television, and through my own creative expression.

Having gained all this insight has made me into the perfect vessel, and at this point I’m bubbling over with information, advice and recommendations that I have to share. I want this blog to be a place where readers can come for inspiration, to unwind and reenergize and to escape the monotony of online data. I will be writing about the things that uplift us i.e lifestyle and fitness, beauty and fashion, health and travel with an emphasis on holistic wellbeing. Subscribe to catch upcoming posts and see you soon!